The entrepreneurial team will provide you with a complete report of the project which includes the raw material and its bills, the space required for the project and the machinery loan and the plan required for government schemes.

* Project report will be given only to the entrepreneur fund member

Marketing as the backbone of business and the way to success, no matter how beautiful, clean, tidy, low quality, good quality of market concepts, goods, products, services and if there is no marketing, then that business is failing. It is said that "the shopkeeper who sells gold in rags does not turn around, the shopkeeper who sells gold in rags does not return" means to provide complete guidance and market entrepreneurs on how to sell what they have in the market.

Success in any endeavor comes only when the skill to do it is in place. Training is given by testing your interests and skills before starting the project so that the risk of failure is avoided. After the project approval, the investment is IMDS. Funding loan, training is imparted after the loan is made available through the bank.

All the projects under MahaUdyojak get the benefit and support of all the schemes implemented by the new corporations and departments of the Central Government. Complete training is also provided free of cost after project approval by the Department of Skills and Entrepreneurship.

Creating project concepts

The concepts and projects you suggest will be perfected by the entrepreneurial guidelines and the project will be completed within the stipulated time frame. In today's world of competition it's important to keep your concept confidential. The entrepreneur will enter into an agreement by introducing privacy terms so that potential risks will be avoided.

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Project Life Cycle


Project Information

In this initiation, planning, execution, & closure play’s important role, these phases make up the path that takes the project flow smooth & effective.


Project Place Assessment

This is to help us put together the best resources for your project. In this we will get things done according to the project guidelines.


Project Allotment

Project allotment will be done as per the availability of the projects, In this you need to meet the necessary guidelines of that required project.


Project Documentation

It is the implementation of a streamlined, efficient & uniform process for producing the key documents that we required to implement a new project.


Raw Material Supply

This is the most important factor in determining the success of the project. The cost of raw materials strongly influences the cost competitiveness of a project.


Project Training

It will teach you the importance of time & setting of goals & objectives. You will be knowing the correct sources for the project & their evaluation.


Production & Packaging

It is the process of designing evaluation & producing packages. Packaging can be described as a coordinated system of preparing goods.


Ready Product Supply

It allows you to pre plan the outsourcing of material components by enabling the structure & material in a proper manner.



It’s the structure of payment terms. This is where payments are made in a certain way, with a schedule given & to safety carry at the payment transactions.

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