You know that if you do a lot of marketing and attractive marketing, customers will buy it, but if the quality is not good, customers will buy it once but will not buy it again. This means that the quality of the product should be good along with the attractive advertisements.

 For this, IMDS strives to ensure that the quality of all its products is good and for that, it insists on getting good quality raw material first and deals with the vendors. It also works on research and development to improve the quality of the same. So the customer can get good quality products

Cost reduction is

Example. If it costs Rs. 5 to make a product completely, then planning so that the quality of the product is not inferior anywhere, i.e. how can it be done at Rs. Because many things can be done with the money saved, such as

1.Suppose you go to a shop to buy something, for example an incense stick, what kind of incense stick will the shopkeeper give you? In which margin is more beneficial for them .. right? This means that sellers, retailers try to sell the same product with more interest in which they have more margin and profit.

But at the same time, if the quality of the product is good, they try to sell it themselves.

But the only way to give sellers more margin and profit than others is to reduce the cost.

2. Another benefit of cost reduction is to the customer, if the customer gets a good quality product