Baby Diapers Processing and Packing Industry(Large)

Project Specifications Project Requirments
Project total investment 10 lakh 20 Thaousand
Cost of training and erection 1 lakh 40 Thaousand
Price of raw material and equipment 8 lakh 80 Thaousand
Contract period 12 months
Nature of work Processing and packaging
Necessary space 400 sqr ft
Other required space Water, electricity, bathroom, road, CCTV mandatory
Necessary manpower 1
Monthly goals Processing and packing of 24000 diapers
Transportation process The raw material will be delivered to the place, the finished raw material will be taken from the place.
Monthly salary 18500 Rupees
Monthly profit 35500 Rupees(Minimum)
Total 54000
Freight transport All costs to IMDS

Upon cancellation of the contract, the remaining amount will be refunded except for the training and erection cost.

Note that the project cost will be considered for the next 15 days.